follow-up hair loss treatment


Accurate methods of tracking changes in hair growth are necessary for monitoring hair loss associated with the progression of disease and for assessing the efficacy of hair loss treatments or transplants over time.

Clinicians and researchers have access to tools like TrichoScan® to help precisely measure hair growth over time. However, if patients wanted to track their own hair growth over time, they would either need to schedule a visit with their clinician or rely upon their memory and bathroom mirror.

That is, until now...

Datinf® GmbH has recently developed a tool in conjunction with the makers of TrichoScan® that will allow patients to track their own hair growth with a smart phone application (app).

HairMap is an app that uses image overlay technology to compare images of the scalp taken with a smartphone camera. By comparing scalp images over time, a user is able to observe any changes in hair density in an easy to understand manner.

While not a precise diagnostic device, HairMap is able to show changes in hair density over time thereby allowing users to play a more active role in managing their hair growth.

iPhone App

How it works...
  • Using a smart phone camera, a user will take an image of the scalp region of interest (e.g. the forehead, crown, or others).
  • This first image will be used by the HairMap app as the ‘baseline’ image; the image used to guide subsequent images.
  • Whenever a user wishes to monitor changes, they select the baseline image in the HairMap app and, with the HairMap image overlay technology, use the baseline image as a guide to take a second image of an identical region of the scalp.
  • The user is then able to compare the similar images to evaluate the status of the region over time.


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